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Math Websites:



Multiplication Table

Grade 1-6 Math Practice

Reference Sheets for All Grades-FSA

Reference Sheet Algebra 1 & Geometry E.O.C.

Algebra 2 Reference Sheet

FCAT / EOC online four-function Calculator

Scientific Calculator

Interactive Sites for Math

Interactive Unit Circle

Math Tricks

K-9 IXL math practice exercises

Grade 6 & 7 Practice and Quizzes:  Free Extra Practice & Free Quizzes Practice exercises for all levels of Math. College format

Conversion Calculator

Graph it

Graphing Calculator

Math grapher

Mathway Solver

Grid Paper (X axis, Y axis)

X-Y Graph paper

Graph paper with 4 rectangular coordinate systems

Number Line

Prime numbers’ list

Perfect Squares Chart

Math Quizzes

Grades 1-6 Math Word problems’ Worksheets

Pre-Algebra worksheets (Questions and answers)
Algebra 1 worksheets (Questions and answers)
Algebra 2 worksheets (Questions and answers)
Geometry Worksheets (Questions and answers)
Calculus worksheets (Questions and answers)

Geometry Final Exam(hard)
All math Final Exams
Algeba 1 Final Exam
6-8 grades math diagnostic test
Fractions (low grades) math diagnostic test
Colored Shapes
Learn about time (Interactive Clock) (Best for teaching Elapsed Time)
Florida Virtual school
Graphs of Functions ( 8 important types)
List of Mathematical Symbols
Heartland Educational Consortium Resources. EOC Resources, Math Labs.

Math Tricks



Watch educational videos:
Learning T.V.


Other Math Videos



All subjects:

PowerPoint presentations
All subjectslesson plans. ( Some Math Powerpoints)

Florida Standards


General Important Math Web Sites:
Math Dictionary

Illuminations (Resources for teaching Math.)
The Geometry Center


Review and practice most major exams:
FCAT released tests
EOC (End-of-Course) practice tests (Algebra 1,Geometry.Biology 1, and U.S. history)

Geometry Practice Test-EOC support
EOC Algebra 1 Practice Tests: 1234

EOC Geometry Practice Tests

Math and Science Lab.

SAT Practice tests
SAT grid response practice tests
Geometry Final Exam Study Guide
Geometry Review Practice Test
Calculus AB Study Guide with Formulas
3rd Grade word problems
4 th Grade Word Problems
5 th Grade word problems
6 th grade End-of-Year Test
7 th grade Math Word Problems
8th grade Word Problems
Geometry Final Exam(hard)
All math(Algebra, Geometry…) Final Exams
Algeba 1 Final Exam
6-8 grades math diagnostic test
Fractions (low grades) math diagnostic test
SAT question of the day
Full-SAT-Practice-Test SAT practice

.CPT Math practice test
P.E.R.T.CPT Study Guide
P.E.R.T.-Student copy

ACT Practicing ACT



Tables and Formulas:


Math Formulas
Table of Integrals
Statistics’ Formulas & Z score table.
F-Test tables
FCAT Math Reference Sheet
Geometry Reference Sheet
Algebra Help Math Sheet
Trigonometry Definitions Math Sheet
Trigonometry Formulas
The Unit Circle

Trig. Inverse formulas

Trig. Values

Interactive Unit Circle

Trig. Values
Calculus Derivatives and Limits Math Sheet
Calculus Integrals Math Sheet
Physical Science Reference Sheet
The Periodic Table of Elements
Chemistry Reference Sheet
Temperature Conversion Calculator and formulas
Sequences and Series Formulas

Polygons and Polyhedra
Means ( Averages) and their formulas

Fibonacci Sequence F

Differentiation and Integration Formulas




The Calculators’ Section:


FCAT online four-function Calculator

Scientific Calculator

Mathway Solver

Graphing Calculator

A quadratic equation calculator

Polynomial Equation Solver

Polynomial operations

Conversion Calculator

Algebra Calculators
Solve two equations’ Calculator
Solve three equations’ Calculator
% of change
% of error calculator
% Calculator
% of a number Calculator
Slope calculator
Mean-Median-Mode calculator
Trigonometric Calculator:(Right triangles-Circles-Angles)
Number Base Calculator-

Area and Volume calculators for all shapes

Circle Area and Circumference
Temperature Conversion Calculator and formulas
Matrix Calculator
Fractions-Decimals-Percent calculator
Factorial, Permutation, and Combination Calculator
Mixed numbers, Improper fractions, Decimals, Percent calculator
Fractions Operations’ Calculator
Scientific Calculator
Algebra Calculators Index
Write a linear equation using two points
Proportion Calculator
Factor Polynomial Calculator with explanation
Statistic Data calculator
Normal distribution calculator
Z-Score to Percentile Calculator
Percentile to Z-Score calculator
Alpha to Z-score Calculator
Linear Least Squares Regression Line Calculato
Chi-square Test ( Enter the table data, actual and expected values)
Find the Chi-square from the p-value and df.
Calculus Calculator

Integration Calculator

z to p-value

Sigma calculator

Arithmetic Sequence calculator 

Geometric Sequence calculator

TI-nspire CAS video tutorial

Students: Please download Geogebra. It will help you to graph. It will quickly download, and it is free.


Other  Websites:

Funny Math (Tricks, Ancient numerals, and others)
The millionaire math game for middle school word problems
play a multiplication game:Click on a multiplication or division symbol, a number, and start.

Cool educational sites ( Math widespread selection)
Interesting things
More Math lessons
Geometry: Step-by-Step
Finite Math
Discrete Mathematics topics
More Math games

NGSSS for Algebra and Geometry


Interesting things
Typing game: Practice typing so you can type faster.
The Solar System



CCSS Websites:

NGSSS for Algebra and Geometry (FSA Geometry EOC Review)


MAFS Progressions

Lesson Planning Resources

MAFS for Math

Florida Standards

Item Specification for Math

FSA Practice Tests

Reporting Categories-Math FSA Test Summary (Blue Prints)

Reference Sheets for All Grades

FSA Calculator

FSA Training Test Scavenger Hunt-Grade 6

FSA Training Test Scavenger Hunt-Grade 7 R

FSA Training Test Scavenger Hunt-Grade 8 R





Math Practice tests from PARCC


Middle School Math Videos


Common Core Aligned Math Videos:

Grade 6 Khan Academy Videos:

Grade 7 Khan Academy Videos:

Grade 8 Khan Academy Videos:

Algebra 1 Khan Academy Videos:

Geometry Khan Academy Videos:

Middle School Math Videos from Virtual Nerd:

Middle School Videos from Math playground:

Prealgebra Videos:


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